NOTE: The Road Hawgs are not responsible for any or all purchases, agreements made by the seller and the   buyer. The arrangements and or agreements made by both seller and buyer are their responsibility.

 All things stated in your ad form should be accurate and correct. Anyone falsifying information or the selling of goods   or wears that do not comply within their state laws are punishable by their state and it is the seller’s or buyers     responsibility to file an injunction if goods are not rendered by your agreements. Agreement of surrendering goods   and collecting payments are the responsibility of the buyer and seller only. The Road Hawgs are just a media for you   to sell or barter your goods from and is not involved in any transactions or deliveries. The Road Hawgs has the right   of refusal to anyone if forms are not filled out correctly. If we decide not to publish your ad you will be notified by the   email you have provided.

Once both parties are serviced and satisfied, notify The Road Hawgs of your sale so that we mark your ad as sold. Your ad will remain up for six (6) months. At the end of six months, it will automatically be removed. If an additional six (6) month term is requested you must fill out a new form and reinstate your ad again. There is no charge for this service because you are a subscriber to The Road Hawgs Magazine. If a friend wants to use our service a $20.00 ad fee will be charged and if at the end of the six (6) month term an additional $20.00 will be charged if the individual wishes to continue. Remember subscriptions are free to those in our system only.

                      SEND ALL YOUR PHOTOS (no more than 5 pictures,  jpeg.format only please) SEPARATELY TO                                        . We will contact you when we have received them.

               By sending this form I have read this agreement and this will act as my electronic signature of approval.


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